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Brian Wilkins, Huron Oaks Squash Club, Canada
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Use this page to create new accounts for your Club and for the person who will administer the BoxLeague.  Once you have created the administrator account you can login and start to use the system.
IMPORTANT! If you are a Player and have been told that a BoxLeague account has been created for you, do not use this page to try and login to the system. Use the 'Login' area at the top-right, which also lets you request that forgotten login names and passwords be emailed to you.

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New Clubs are created with the free subscription level, where for the first 3 months there are no restrictions on the maximum number of Administrators and active Players, or on the number of concurrent Leagues. After that, if your Club's usage exceeds certain limits, you can extend your Club's membership to that of a paid subscription on the 'My Clubs' Page at any time. For subscription level and pricing information click here.

There's no obligation or term commitment - you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Support is via email, with Clubs with paid-for subscription levels being prioritized over those with free subscriptions. Support is provided to Club Administrators - Players should contact their Administrator, who can then escalate a question or an issue to if necessary.

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