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Below is a summary of the features of the BoxLeague.net system. If there is a particular feature that you would like to be added to the BoxLeague.net system, please tell us about it by sending us a message.

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Match Scheduling
  • Players can schedule future matches, either specifying an opponent or leaving it open.
  • Notification emails can be sent to all the Players (Singles and Doubles) for a Scheduled Match.
  • Invited opponents can login to commit to playing a Scheduled Match, with automatic email notification sent to the original scheduler.
'League Wizard'
  • Step-by-step process to manage all aspects of the creation of new leagues, and management of existing ones.
  • Hides the complexity of the relationships between Clubs, League and Players.
  • Helpful explanatory comments to assist both new and experienced Club Administrators.
Fully Customizable Scoring
  • Configurable match points allocation for all possible match results.
  • Support for match results including match cancellation, 'No-shows', 'Not Yet Played'.
  • Custom explanatory scoring notes, displayed to players when recording results, to help clarify the process
  • Option to make some results 'Admin Only', so they are available only to Administrators when recording match results. This can useful for end-of-league adjustments, or for dispute resolution.
Singles and Doubles
  • Club Admins can setup concurrent Singles and Doubles leagues.
  • Players can either complete as individuals, or as part of two-person teams, or both.
Current and Past League Standings
  • League Standings are viewable for current and every past League, no matter how old
  • Administrative control over default level of detail of displayed date (matches played, won, lost etc). Players can then elect to see less/more data if desired.
  • Optional listing of Players' unplayed matches. This can help Players when scheduling their remaining matches.
  • Display of Players' 'mugshots' - images of themselves - to help avoid embarrasment when Players meet for the first time to play a match.
Easy League 'roll-over' from one period to the next
  • Automatic default for next League to last one calendar month.
  • Defined guidelines for minimum and maximum number of Players per Box.
  • Options to automatically exclude injured or inactive Players from the 'roll-over' League, with listing of those excluded.
  • Options to automatically exclude players that have played no matches in a customizable period of time.
  • Automatic box promotion/demotion logic, based on points accrued in previous League.
Automatic League Rank Calculation
  • Immediate re-calculation of match points accrued, and allocation of bonus points for those having played most or all matches (some Players may actually lose points, if bonus points are awared to those with most matches played, and a Player is no longer the one with most matches played).
  • Automatic re-ordering of League Standings based on players' new points allocation.
Match Histories, with Performance Analysis
  • Players can see Match History, with the recorded results, both for themselves and for any other Player.
  • Automatic calculation of Player's performance statistics (percentage of Matches won, lost and drawn).
  • Optional filtering by opponent and/or date range. This allows Players to check their performance against a particular opponent, over a specified time period.
Test Leagues
  • Administrators can create Test Leagues to play around with them, adding and removing Players, recording results, viewing Standings, to understand how the system works, and fully utilize all the features offered.
  • Test Leagues are hidden from Players to avoid confusion as the Administrator learns the system.
Match Result submission either by Players or Administrators
  • Players can record Match Results for their own Matches, against Players in their Box; Administrators can record results for all Players in the League.
  • Incorrectly recorded Match Results can be corrected, both when the wrong result was chosen, or even the wrong opponent!
  • Administrators can lock leagues so that players can't record any more results, but Administrators can still do so.
Both Player and Administrative accounts
Players can:
  • View current and past League Standings.
  • Enter Match Results for their own Matches.
  • Contact other Players via secure internal email.
  • See the Match History and Performance Statistics both for themselves as well as for other Players.
  • Manage their profile, including marking themselves as injured, or setting their email preferences.
  • Maintain private notes on other Players, to help planning for upcoming Matches.
  • Upload a 'mugshot' photo of themselves, to avoid embarrassment when meeting new opponents for the first time!
Administrators can do everything that Players can do, plus:
  • Create, activate new Leagues, and close-off active ones.
  • Input match results for any Players.
  • Decide whether or not Players' email and phone numbers are mandatory.
  • Set the Club's country and time zone, for localized displayed of dates and times.
  • Add new Players to the Club
  • Activate/de-activate existing Players, based on activity level.
  • Easily send emails to all the Players in their Club, or a League, or even a particular League Box.
  • Create new administrative accounts to manage the service.
  • Even setup brand new Clubs.
Private Player Notes
  • For Players to privately record information about opponents' strengths and weaknesses, and make notes to be used to prepare for future Matches.
  • For Administrators to use for any League management purposes as desired.
  • Player Notes are guaranteed to be private to the author: neither other Players nor Club Administrators have access to Notes made by another person.
Automatic Reminder and Notification Emails
  • For Players with unplayed matches remaining, reminder emails are sent both 1 week, and then 3 days, prior to the scheduled end of the League, as an incentive to play all their Matches.
  • Administrators can control whether or not this feature is active.
  • Players can elect not to recieve such emails if desired.
  • When a Match result is recorded, by default notification emails are automatically sent to the other Players in the League.
  • As with reminder emails, Players can elect not to recieve such Match Result emails.
Secure Email
  • Custom Emails can be sent to individual Players, to League Admins, or to all the Players in a Club, League, or even to just the Players in a particular Box in the League.
  • Email History shows the last 100 Emails sent/recieved.
  • Emails can be sent and recieved even if for privacy reasons a Player elects to hide their email address from other users of the BoxLeague.net system.
Support for Multiple Concurrent Leagues
  • For example, a Club Administrator can setup concurrent Leagues for a Women's League, a Men's League, and an Under-16's League.
  • Any given Player can be in multiple active Leagues simultaneously (for example, an advanced 14-year old female Player might complete in both a Women's and an Under-16's League at the same time).
Players can mark themselves as injured
  • Doing so indicates to other Players that they may not currently be available for League Matches.
  • When ceating new 'roll-over' League, Administrators can choose to exclude Players marked as injured (and are shown a list of those excluded if they do so).
Support for Friendly Matches
  • This allows Players to keep an informal record of Matches played against their friends.
  • Friendly Matches don't count towards league standings, and are excluded from the Performance Statistics calculated on the Match History page.
Optional automatic de-activation of inactive Players.
  • Administrators can define a time period such that, if during that period, any Player hasn't logged into the BoxLeague.net, or played any Matches, they are automatically de-activated.
  • This allows admins to identify 'problem' Players who are bad at scheduling and playing League Matches, to minimize their negative impact on the League.
  • When a Player is automatically de-activated, the Club Administrators are sent a notification email to let them know.
  • Inactive Players can still login to the BoxLeague.net website, but they cannot change any data or send/recieve any emails.
  • Administrators can control whether or not automatically de-activated Players can re-activate their account by loging into the BoxLeague.net system.
  • Administrators can indicate both which country and which time zone their club is in.
  • Displayed dates are formatted appropriately for the Club's country, and can be entered accordingly.
  • Times of last login, match result recording etc. are adjusted based on the specified time zone.
Support for Multiple Clubs
  • Administrators maintain can multiple Club Accounts, keeping all the data separate
  • All the data for each Club is completely separated from that of other Clubs, for security reasons.
  • An Administror for multiple Clubs can add a Player from one Club to another, without the need for a separate BoxLeague.net account for the Player.
Security and Privacy Controls
  • Email addresses of BoxLeague.net users are NEVER given out to other organizations - we absolutely guarantee it.
  • Players can elect to have their email addresses hidden from other BoxLeague.net Users.
  • Even when a Player has chosen to hide their email address, emails can still be sent to them from the 'Emails' page of the website - the address used is just not disclosed.
Data Export Features
  • League Standings and League Match data can be exported in CSV (comma-separated value) format.
  • This allow for the data to be analyzed externally, or imported into a third-party system for processing.

COMING SOON - Tournaments

A major enhancement planned for the near future is support for Tournaments, where a Club Admin can setup multi-day knockout events, with automatic elimination & promotion as players progress through the tournament.

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UNDER DEVELOPMENT - Web Service API for Programmers

We are currently in the process of building a full Web Service-based API (Application Programming Interface). This will allow developers to progammatically access the BoxLeague.net 'engine', as well as all their club's data, to make it easy to embed information from the System in external systems, or add custom logic.