- Customizable, feature-rich, and secure online league management is user friendly and efficient way to run squash leagues for any club wishing to operate a league. Support is always there when needed. Highly recommended.
Brian Wilkins, Huron Oaks Squash Club, Canada
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Managing an online league should be easier than playing in it.
Finding a professional quality online league management service with all the features needed by the administrator, that can be customized to your club's needs, that's easy for players to use, and where data is secure, can be difficult. is an online service for squash, racquetball, tennis and badminton leagues - in fact for pretty much any sport in which two players or two doubles teams compete against each other. Club administrators can setup and manage their leagues, and players can login to see their league standings, input match results, contact other players, even maintain private notes about past opponents to help prepare for future matches.

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This website has been designed by sports league managers, and implemented by programmers with decades of experience of building industrial-strength software systems. Some of the key features of the system are displayed below, with a complete listing available here.

All new accounts can use the service for free for 3 months, without any restrictions on usage. After that the fully functional entry-level service remains free for as long as you want to use it, with some limits on the maximum number of active players, admins and concurrent leagues. For Clubs whose usage exceeds these limits the subscription-based service has a number of different pricing options to suit your Club's needs. Click here for subscription level and pricing information.

Key Features
• Match Scheduling
• Support for both Singles and Doubles
• Fully Customizable Scoring including Cancellations and 'No-Shows' • Customizable Bonus Points for most/all matches played
• View Current and Past League Standings • Easy League 'roll-over' from one period to the next
• Indication of which matches have yet to be played • Automatic League Rank Calculation
• Country and Time Zone Customization
• Match Histories, with Performance Analysis
• Private Notes on Opponents' Strengths and Weaknesses • Support for Multiple Concurrent Leagues
• Support for both League and Friendly Matches • Automatic Reminder and Notification Emails
• Security and Privacy Controls • Test Leagues, to help learn how everything works
• Data Export Features • Web Service API for Programmers

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Try It Out For Free
Getting started is easy. You can create a new BoxLeague account in a few minutes and start testing the system to see how it works.

The free entry-level service is fully functional - everything that the subscription-based service offers is available. After 3 months there are some restrictions on how many active players and administrators can be enrolled ant any one time, and how many leagues can run concurrently. If you don't need anything more then the free service, congratulations - it carries on being free! If you like the system and do need to upgrade, you can do so at any time. And there's no term commitment - you can cancel your subscription any time you like.
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Contact Us
If there's anything you'd like to know about that isn't covered here, feel free to drop us a line and ask for more information.

We're always very happy to recieve comments and suggestions about the service, and we rely on input from our users to know what features you like, which need improving, and which need to be added, to make this the best online service available for squash, racquetball and tennis clubs.
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About Us
Every website needs to have an 'About Us' Page, it seems. We can't imagine why you'd have any interest in a bunch of geeks who write software, but if you really want to know more about us, our interest in squash, how we came to build this system, what we had for lunch today, who are we to judge?

We promise that there are no pictures of us. That's the last thing you want to see. Really.
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