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Managing a competitive league should be easier than playing in it.

Customizable, feature-rich, and secure league management

Finding a professional quality online league management service with all the features needed by the administrator, that can be customized to your club's needs, that's easy for players to use, and where data is secure, is difficult.

BoxLeague.net is an online service for any sport or activity in which two players, or two doubles teams, compete against each other. Administrators setup and manage their leagues, then players can login to see their league standings, input match results, contact other players, even maintain private notes about past opponents to help prepare for future matches.

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Getting started is easy. You can create a new BoxLeague account in a few minutes and start testing the system to see how it works.

The free entry-level service is fully functional - everything that the subscription-based service offers is available. After 3 months there are some restrictions on how many active players and administrators can be enrolled ant any one time, and how many leagues can run concurrently.

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As well as writing software for a living most of us here take part in competitive sports and activities, and it's the lack of a professional-quality service for managing leagues online that has prompted us to build this site. We're confident that BoxLeague.net is the best online boxleague service around, and we're happy that our clients agree, as you can see from the testimonials below.

If you'd like to ask us more about the BoxLeague.net we'd be happy to hear from you!

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Boxleague.net is user friendly and efficient way to run squash leagues for any club wishing to operate a league. Support is always there when needed. Highly recommended.

Brian Wilkins

Huron Oaks Squash Club, Canada

BoxLeague.net is just what we needed. It’s nigh on perfect whether you run one or several leagues - easy for administrators to set up and operate, straightforward for players to enter results, all with great back-up service from the support team.

Alec Stevenson

Corstorphine Tennis Club, Scotland

We are on our 9th season of using BoxLeague.net to manage our racquetball intramurals program, typically with over 100 players. Our players enjoy logging their wins, and love being able to see their standings at a moment's notice. Our administrators appreciate the ability to easily tweak our scoring system and track our progress throughout the season.

Jen Memhard

Multnomah Athletic Club, USA

We've been using BoxLeague.net for years. It is the best service for managing a squash league online, and we've looked! The interface and features include everything needed by our administrators and players. Customer support is also very responsive to issues and new feature requests.

Shea Conaway

Nashville Squash Club, USA

After moving to BoxLeague.net from a paper-based system, participation in our tennis league has grown by a factor of four! The system offers considerable functionality, with great flexibility in the management of players. The automatic promotion/demotion feature is particularly useful. Great support from the BoxLeague.net team.

Patrick Jones

Dean Lawn Tennis & Squash Club, Edinburgh, UK